In order to ensure that the best possible environment for research is provided for all users, each user of the library will be required to abide by the Library Rules and Regulations listed below.


  1. Present an identity card or similar document before using the library.
  2. Library materials must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or annotated in any way.
  3. Users must observe copyright regulations and provision in respect of all Library items.
  4. The PCs in the Library are meant for searching the Library database and the Internet only.
  5. Before using the library readers are requested to securely deposit their bags in property counter.


  1. This is special library so only internal users are access to borrow the resources.
  2. Users’ library details will be contained in a bar code which will be embedded on to the staff ID card.
  3. Borrowed items may not be lent to third parties.
  4. Users must immediately inform the library of changes in their contact address.
  5. Loss or damage of any library items must be immediately reported to the library.
  6. No library item shall be taken out of the Library without approval of Librarian.
  7. Books/Journals must be left on the tables where they were used. Users should not return them to the shelves.
  8. Lost or damaged items shall be replaced at the cost of the borrower.

Conduct in the Library

  1. Personal items should not be left unattended in the library. The library shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage to such items.
  2. Raincoats, umbrellas and helmets shall not be taken into the Library.
  3. Users or visitors should demonstrate courtesy to other users or visitors.